An umbrella policy offers million dollar peace of mind



If you have a paycheck, then you should also have umbrella insurance. Yes. It is that simple. In our litigious society – where approximately 15 million civil lawsuits are filed annually – an umbrella policy kicks in where your homeowners and auto polices leave off, providing you with extra protection and peace of mind should the unexpected happen and a claim or lawsuit be filed against you.

If you are sued, an umbrella policy will help cover defense costs as well as the settlement, safeguarding your current and future assets.



Need an umbrella ?

Use our online umbrella calculator to get an idea of how big of an umbrella you may need. Then consult an independent insurance agent for additional guidance.

Dan Halsey

"Many people think… I'm not wealthy enough to need an umbrella policy. But it is important that consumers consider all of their assets, including current and future wages, retirement savings, business income and college funds. If you are sued and do not have umbrella protection, in most states, these assets are all at risk."

— Daniel Halsey, President, The Hanover's Personal Insurance 


How umbrella policies work

If your homeowners insurance has a liability limit of $300,000, you may add an umbrella policy with an additional $1 million of coverage. That would give you a total of $1.3 million dollars of protection should someone be injured at your home. Similarly, an umbrella builds on the liability coverage your auto policy provides. If you are sued, your home or auto policy kicks in first and your umbrella policy covers the excess.

Home + auto + umbrella = total protection

For illustration purposes, here's an at-a-glance comparison of how auto, home and umbrella insurance can work together to protect you – and how adding an umbrella to your coverage can best safeguard you and your family.






Property damage
Your property or another's property

Another's property
Personal belongings    
Bodily injury
Max of $500,000

$300,000 to $500,000

Minimum of $1 million
Slander, libel and defamation    
Legal fees and settlements    
Invasion of privacy    
Wrongful entry    
Wrongful eviction    


You can't afford not to have umbrella coverage

With policies of $1 million of coverage starting at as little as $20 a month, financial experts agree that an umbrella policy offers the best value for the dollars you spend on insurance to protect your family and assets. Additionally, raising the deductible on your homeowners policy from $500 to $1,000 typically reduces your homeowners premium enough to cover the cost of a $1 million umbrella policy.

Watch this short video to learn more about umbrella coverage and review the list of 15 every-day activities that suggest you need umbrella coverage.

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