When it's time to have "the talk"

With teen drivers, it is very important to have coachable moments early on to instill safe and responsible habits that will carry throughout their driving. The Hanover offers some conversation starters for you and your teen.

"Keep your eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel."

New, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be in an accident. It is important to focus only on driving. When you are first behind the wheel, even actions like using voice controlled features, adjusting the radio or eating can be a distraction.

"Take your time."

 Always stop for the total three seconds at stop signs to avoid being cut off, or cutting off other drivers. Be aware of the speed limit at all times.

"Check in."

Before you take the car out, always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

"Nothing good ever happens after midnight."

Be extra cautious when driving at night, especially if you are a newer driver. The National Safety Council advises that impaired drivers are most frequently on the road after dark – particularly between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. on weekends. And, in many states, it's against the law for you to be on the roads during those hours.

"The weather can change in a blink of an eye."

Obviously, the best scenario is for you to be home, and not behind the wheel, if severe weather hits. Nonetheless, it's important how to drive safely in rain and snow. Also make sure your car is equipped with the right tools to drive in these conditions, such as workable windshield wipers, antifreeze and snow brushes.

"Stay organized."

Keep your insurance card in your vehicle in case you ever get in an accident.

"Know your car."

Know how to perform minor fixes to your car such as changing a flat tire, jump starting your car or changing your oil.

"Know what to do ICase of Emergency."

In a situation where you are not able to speak, first responders will go to your phone and call contacts listed as "ICE" in order to inform them of the accident, as well as obtain medical information about you. Make sure you have your emergency contacts clearly labeled.

Let's talk safety

We are dedicated to helping our customers feel safe and confident with their teen driver on the road. Talk to your independent agent to learn more about the tools The Hanover offers to help keep your teen driver safe, and save you money as well.

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