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It’s a startling statistic: when a disaster halts business, 25 percent of businesses simply never reopen (according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). And the range of disasters is broad: interruptions of your supply chain; weather events like ice and snow storms, floods and hurricanes; cyber-attacks; fires, and the accompanying publicity that can sometimes drive customers away…all the events that keep business owners up at night.

But there is a way to help ensure that your business is prepared for whatever might come your way.

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we know about the losses your industry could face—and we’ve marshalled the resources to help you meet the challenges.

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    Controlling the business interruption exposure

    Analyzing and assessing the possible risks is the first step to helping to control the potential interruptions your business might face. Learn about those steps, and the next ones to take to keep your business up and running no matter what the interruption.

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    Supply chain management

    Your business relies on a chain of suppliers and customers, some of them global. Those links, once broken, can disrupt business. Find out how to identify vulnerabilities and plan for them.

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    Open for business – disaster recovery planning

    Most business hard hit by disasters – hurricanes, floods, cyber hacks – have a hard time recovering. Be prepared to prevent the worst from happening to your business.

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Education & training

HSB PREPARE Program: Pre-Emergency Plan and Recovery

View this online guide at your convenience and see how you can keep your vital systems prepared for events that could stop your business.

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