Management Liability

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You don’t have to look far to see that executive and management liability exposures are increasing. Almost daily, headlines report cyberattacks and data breaches, lawsuits against corporate directors and officers, litigation over employee benefit plan issues, and criminal activity committed by company insiders.

Businesses are under greater scrutiny from regulators, legislators, customers, employees, investors and others. But it’s not just larger public companies that face such challenges – cyber privacy and security, crime, and employment practices litigation present real threats to privately held businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

The Hanover understands the challenges of doing business in today’s complex and litigious business environment, and is here to help. We offer an array of tools and resources to help you manage these risks and sustain long-term business success.

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    Free eLearning – mitigating social engineering fraud

    Social engineering is one of the fastest growing cyber security threats facing your business. Use this course to educate employees on how to avoid falling victim to scams that trick them into sending money or personal and confidential information to an imposter.

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    Reflections on real employee disability discrimination lawsuits

    Learn about the five best practices to help employees return to work after covered disability or medical leave in order to avoid costly and time-consuming employee disability discrimination lawsuits.

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    Sample return-to-work program

    Getting injured employees back to work as soon as possible after recovery requires thoughtful planning. That process is easier with this sample plan that helps with the basic elements of a return-to-work program and sample forms to get started.

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Risk Solutions Partners

The Hanover has partnered with other expert safety professionals to provide our customers with discounted solutions to costly problems. You may find these especially helpful:

Background checks and employment screening
IntelliCorp Logo
IntelliCorp, a subsidiary of ISO, provides discounts on background checks and employment screening products, helping you identify and select the right employees. Learn More
Cyber security eRisk hub® portal
NetDiligence logo
NetDiligence®, an expert cyber risk assessment and data breach services company, provides cyber privacy and security policyholders access to tools and resources to help you understand your exposures, establish a response plan and minimize the effects of a breach on your organization via the eRisk Hub® Portal. Learn More
Global security consulting
WorldAware logo
WorldAware, an internationally experienced security firm, provides Hanover Private Company Advantage policyholders expert kidnap and crisis response and risk management resources. Learn More

Education & Training

When it comes to avoiding social engineering scams, the best defense is employee awareness. The weakest link in the security chain is the employee who accepts a scenario at face value and does not check its legitimacy. That’s why it is imperative to provide anti-fraud training that includes educating employees on how to recognize and prevent these types of scams.

Mitigating Social Engineering Fraud

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Educates employees on how to avoid falling prey to scams that trick them into sending money or personal and confidential. Start Now

Employment practice complaints cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Preventing employment practice lawsuits and mitigating the severity of claims takes a highly educated and committed management team. To support your business’s efforts, The Hanover's team of experts has developed this four-part training series.

Course I – The Fundamentals

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Learn about the hard and soft costs of EPL claims, the types of discrimination, the statutes that protect against different types of discrimination and the most common types of claims. Start Now

Course II – Policies & Procedures, The Managers Role

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This course will help identify key institutional policies and procedures, list different forms of communications to help employees understand and describe talent management strategies. Start Now

Course III – Common Complaints and Prevention Strategies

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Learn to identify the most common employment practices that cause employee complaints and understand how to address each of these practices legally and effectively. Start Now

Course IV – Addressing a Complaint

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Learn the appropriate steps to follow when a harassment or discrimination complaint is filed and understand how to prevent retaliation claims stemming from the complaint process. Start Now

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