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Reviews and testimonials from our Citizens customers

At Citizens Insurance, we provide the expertise, guidance and tools to make the insurance experience easy for you, your family or your business. Day in and day out, our professionals are focused on delivering on our promise — to help you recover when the unexpected occurs.

"Great company!!! I have all my cars, and two homes insured with citizens. Easy to work with if I have a claim of any type. Even my grown kids now have joined the Citizens bandwagon.

- Jennifer D. - Trustpilot





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"The true value of an insurance company is when you have to make a claim. Our basement had some flooding and water damage that was sever enough for us to file a claim. Michael, our adjuster at Hanover, did a fantastic job. He truly went above and beyond in customer service. My claim was processed quickly, fairly, and with excellent communication during the entire process. Based on my experience, I recommend Hanover for your P&C insurance needs."

-Donald S., Google Review


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Grateful - the adjuster was reachable at all times, responded promptly, and explained everything to 'my level' of understanding - even after hours. Thank You!

A Citizens' customer

Felt heard and taken seriously from start to finish

A Citizens' customer


A Citizens' customer

From the adjuster, to the people that helped me get my claim filed, it was a hassle-free experience.

A Citizens' customer

Hanover's claim representative, Kevin, was thorough, courteous, and professional. His estimate was comprehensive, and he worked seamlessly with my chosen contractor. A very pleasant experience for what could have been a tedious, drawn-out process. We're very happy.

A Citizens' customer

Kevin was a fantastic adjuster, he answered every question I had and answered every time I called and called me when he said he would. He was very prompt and able to make the claims experience easy. Very impressed with how quickly everything was handled.

A Citizens' customer

The adjuster was exceptionally professional and made us feel valued as customers.

A Citizens' customer

We were amazed at how quickly the adjuster, Brent, was able to schedule the inspection. After the inspection everything was handled timely. Brent was very informative as to the processing of the claim and what we needed to do as far as getting a contractor to do the job. I have no recommendations to improve, as I feel Citizens/Hanover is excellent!

A Citizens' customer

Becky was sympathetic, caring, thorough, and took the time and demonstrated great patience in working with us

A Citizens' customer

 You were super friendly on the phone. I was very stressed about my car and everything was completely handled in minutes. I’ve had two interactions in the short time I’ve carried this insurance, and both were incredible! I am VERY satisfied!

A Citizens' customer

The gentleman that managed my claim was Incredible. He listened and worked with me every step of the way.

A Citizens' customer

My husband and I had only been with your company for one month when I was involved in my first- ever car accident.  My car was originally deemed fixable and then I was called back to say they had changed their mind - that even though it was not in your financial best interest to total my car, but you realized it was in my best interest.  I am very grateful. I was able to get a new car and feel that my family is safe.  Thank you so much!!

A Citizens' customer

My adjuster, Teresa, was spectacular to work with during this process. She was very flexible, professional, and followed up diligently. She represents Citizens extremely well and I would be lucky to have someone like Teresa working for my company!

A Citizens' customer

Providing the claim details (photos) via the internet was great. The speed of your response was really impressive.

A Citizens' customer

Was super smooth so far, I called on a Friday, agent visited on a Monday, I had paperwork that approved roof and payment by end of day, by end of week had initial payment, 4 weeks later had new roof, now waiting on final insurance payment and then to close out with roofer. All and all this has been very easy and smooth to navigate.

A Citizens' customer

Called me right away, very kind, informative, ready to help

A Citizens' customer

I was very impressed with the quick processing of claim. Thank you!

A Citizens' customer

Kept us informed of any changes made that helped speed the process along. Very satisfied with everyone dealing with our accident claim.

A Citizens' customer

It was so easy to get the claim started and since I used one of your collision shops it was very satisfied!

A Citizens' customer

Incredibly fast and works with local shops. Pretty top notch.

A Citizens' customer

Your team made it a stress-free process!

A Citizens' customer

Prompt response to my inquiry and quick visit by an adjuster.

Chester L.

Have had one claim over a year ago. Minor damage from a fender bender, hit from behind. Claim was processed, vehicle repaired quickly, and absolutely no problem with insurance company. 


Always there when I need them - hassle free

Jerry J.

I had a head on accident, that wasn’t my fault and the company took care my claim quickly and payed me what the totaled vehicle was worth, plus all the extras on it!
Also all medical and mileage bills for the claim!
I was very pleased and will be a member with Citizen’s for life!


An insurance company IS ONLY as good as its agents because if they are bad it makes all the difference. I have been very pleased with my agents and then the insurance that they support. A double prize. Thanks!

Craig G.

I had one auto claim and Citizen's took care of it right away. Can't get any better than that.

John H.

My husband i and I had to make a homeowners claim and we anxious about how it would go and to our surprise it has been flawless. Each person we spoke with was helpful, prompt, and straightforward. There was an adjuster at our house within 24 hours and our repair process had begun.

Molly H.

Anytime we’ve needed them for a claim, which is not often, it was handled quickly and fairly. The only problem we’ve had is communication since the pandemic, and since my agent of many years retired, they’ve had temporary agents for us. Other than every year our premiums are increased (even with no claims), we trust Citizens and will most likely stay with them for auto and home policies.

Sally C.

I have found this company to be an excellent one for coverage and for dealing with any claims.

Bernard Cleveland

I have my auto & home insured with Citizens for years now, and they continue to provide great coverage with very competitive rates.

Michael R.

Our agent looks out for us. We cover everything with Citizens

Bertrand C.

Great company!!! I have all my cars, and two homes insured with citizens. Easy to work with if I have a claim of any type. Even my grown kids now have joined the citizens bandwagon. 

JC Simon

Been with them for more than 20 years and have never had a complaint.

Timothy Z.