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The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation

The Foundation's goal

The goal of The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc.* is to improve the quality of life in communities where our companies - The Hanover and Citizens Insurance - have a major presence, with a mission to enact meaningful and positive change in the lives of underserved youths and empower the difference makers who support them.


Apply for a grant or sponsorship

Jurisdiction of giving


Our primary focus of giving is in communities in Massachusetts and Michigan, where our companies have a major presence.

Review process

All grant applications for foundation funding will be reviewed and a decision will be made within 45 days of receipt.

Application evaluation

Application evaluation

All applications are evaluated based on the following:

  • Extent to which the submitted program aligns with the focus areas of the Foundation
  • Level of available funding from the Foundation
  • Clear and measurable program objectives and outcomes
  • Fiscal responsibility of the agency and program
  • Amount and availability of support from other funding sources
  • Fully completed grant application submission packet

Post-grant requirements

Post-grant requirements

If your agency receives a grant, you may be asked to work with The Hanover’s corporate communications department to develop news releases to announce the grant award. You may also be asked to submit a follow-up report to The Hanover within one month after completion of a one-time event or at the end of the calendar year for ongoing programs. The report may include, but is not limited to:

  • Final program budget
  • Participation information
  • Significant outcomes and measures of success
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Sponsorship recognition
  • Photos, if applicable

Please email foundation@hanover.com if you have any questions.

*Includes The Hanover Insurance Company, and Citizens Insurance Company of America, companies of The Hanover Insurance Group