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Workers' compensation

When an employee gets hurt at work, it can hurt your customers' bottom line. The Hanover offers broad workers' compensation coverage, along with value-added loss control and claim management services focused on preventing employee injuries, and helping an injured employee get back to work as soon as possible.

Coverage description

The Hanover's workers' compensation protection expands beyond standard policies by providing a broadening endorsement at no additional cost. This endorsement extends our standard workers' compensation policy by adding seven important coverages to help protect against exposures not addressed in the standard workers' compensation policy.

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In addition, The Hanover offers several billing and payment options to fit your customers' business needs including EZ Pay, our pay-as-you-go option for workers' compensation policies. And, all your customers' Hanover policies can be combined onto one account bill for convenience.

Risk Solutions and claims services

Beyond coverage, The Hanover's Risk Solutions resources and claims services add even more value for your business clients, including:

  • Return to work program—Offers a template to help develop a plan to return employees to productive work as soon as possible along with a team of specialists to work with your clients to match an employee's abilities with suitable work
  • Fast claims handling—Claims can be reported 24/7. In situations where an employee is losing time from work, we initiate contact with our customer, their employee, and doctor assigned to the case within 24 hours
  • Nurse Triage 24— A 24/7/365 telephonic nurse triage service — to provide quick, actionable and expert advice in the event of a workplace injury
  • Stress-free care coordination—Experienced nurse case managers put your customers and their employees at ease and coordinate treatments through established medical networks

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