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Many of your clients have marine exposures that require coverage not offered by a standard insurance policy. As a top 10 marine carrier, we have the broad product portfolio and specialized coverages needed to meet each client's unique needs.


Builder's Risk

Coverage for residential and commercial structures and buildings being renovated, developed and newly built, the materials and equipment used in the project and labor and expense costs.

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Contractor's Equipment

Coverage for tools and equipment that may be owned, rented, leased or borrowed by building, general and road and sewer contractors.

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Coverage for oil and gas businesses that are involved in exploration and/or production.

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Fine Arts Floaters

Coverage for physical loss or damage to every type of private collection artwork and collectible.

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Installation Floaters

Coverage for materials, supplies, machinery, fixtures, and equipment that will be part of the installation project.

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Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Coverage for diagnostic equipment that's owned or leased, scheduled or unscheduled, mobile or stationary and anything used in the diagnostic process

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Motor Truck Cargo

Protects freight or commodities hauled by a for-hire trucked, assuming liability for cargo that's lost or damaged.

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Ocean Cargo

Coverage for goods in transit, via vessel, air, or land conveyances, including coast-wide and inter-coastal shipment, import and export.

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Property Floaters

Coverage for property not contained at a fixed location, such as computers and laptops, musical instruments, sports equipment, theatrical property and cameras.

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Riggers Liability

Protects contractors or millwrights acting as riggers for the property of others in their care, custody and control while being moved, erected, hoisted, lowered and transported

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Warehouse Legal Liability

Coverage for an individual "trip" shipment or all shipments undertaken by a business, assuming liability for goods that are lost or damaged

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Jewelers Block

Coverage that protects against loss or damage to jewelry stock.

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Luxury Yacht

Coverage for yachts with professionally-licensed captains with hull values from $2 to $6 million.

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Coverage for marinas, boatyards, boat dealers, boat builders and yacht clubs.

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Moving and Storage

Coverage for a wide range of moving and storage firms.

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