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We tailor solutions for your industry.

A human services organization's needs are different than those of a tech company, a manufacturer or a retailer. One size does not fit all. That is why we offer flexible insurance solutions designed by industry experts to address risks unique to your industry.

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Targeting a wide range of commercial general contractors, heavy construction and trade contractors.

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Cultural institutions

Targeting institutions such as art galleries, museums, performing art companies, botanical gardens and libraries.

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Educational institutions

Targeting a wide range of educational institutions such as primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and continuing education.

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Financial institutions

Targeting a broad range of asset management firms, banks and insurance companies.

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Hospitality and restaurants

Targeting franchise and specialty hotels, family, casual and fine dining restaurants.

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Human services

Targeting non-profit (501c3) and for-profit organizations that provide professional (non-medical) services for a disadvantaged population.

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Life sciences

Offering specialized coverages for the unique risks of Life Sciences organizations in the medical, pharmaceutical, digital heath and contract research sectors.

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Targeting metal, plastics, consumer goods, food, machinery and auto parts manufacturers.

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Professional services

Targeting accounts that provide professional services, primarily operating from an office environment.

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Real estate

Targeting commercial real estate owners and managers with a majority of their income generated by rents and fees.

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Targeting a wide range of retailers such as clothing, accessories, food, beverage, health stores building materials and home furnishings.

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Targeting small and mid-sized companies in the information technology, telecommunications and electronic manufacturing sectors.

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Targeting broad range of wholesalers and distributors, with focus on durable goods.

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