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Commercial Surety

The Hanover strives to be your one-stop-shop for all your Transactional Surety needs, whether it’s through your local Surety Underwriter, agency underwriting authority, or via BONDDirect.  By developing a relationship with your local surety specialist versus dialing an anonymous call center, you can feel confident your bonds will be issued quickly because they're part of a global relationship with a national carrier like The Hanover – that’s what we call Franchise Value. By strategically placing your Transactional bonds with one carrier, you can maximize your carrier relationship, compensation, and ease-of-doing-business.

Target Appetite

Commercial Transactional Surety serves entities that are required to post small bonds up to a $1 million aggregate limit for low risk obligations which generally fall into 3 primary groups:

  • Individual License & Permit, Court, Miscellaneous Bonds that ensure compliance with statute or court mandated requirements; or
  • Insurance clients with infrequent bond needs
  • Part of a broader Bond Program

Product Offerings

Here is just a small sampling of the most frequent types of Transactional Surety bonds we write:

  • Court Bonds — Judicial (Plaintiff's Attachment, Replevin)
  • Court Bonds — Fiduciary
  • Public Official Bonds (Tax Collectors, Treasurers, Notary)
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Certificate of Title Bonds

  • Lost Instrument Bonds
  • Medicare DMEPOS Bonds
  • Tax Bonds (Motor Fuel, Alcohol, Tobacco)
  • Patient Trust Fund Bonds
  • Professional School Bonds
  • And hundreds more

Online Quote and Issuance System

To complement our Transactional Surety Underwriter’s personal services, The Hanover’s BONDirect web-based automated processing system allows you to quote and issue most Transactional Surety bonds under $500,000 in real time and in one easy transaction. It rates, underwrites, quotes, and issues a bond within minutes, enabling your agency to distinguish itself with faster, more attentive client service. It can even handle large Probate and Public Official Bonds.

Access BONDirect


Contact a member of our Hanover Commercial Surety team who can help you deliver tailored surety solutions for your clients.

Joellen Mendoza
Regional Field Director
East Region

Tom Harman
Regional Field Director
West Region

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