Bringing the risk home: safety for the jewelry salesperson

Bringing work home for most of us is a routine event that has no real impact on our personal safety or the safety of our family. That is not always the case if your job involves high-value jewelry or precious stones. If a thief believes you have these goods at home, you can be at risk for not only theft, but personal injury. You can take some common sense precautions to protect yourself and your family.

Preplanning for security

Discuss your profession and your potential exposure to theft and burglary with your police department. They may be able to flag your address for increased patrols or response if consulted in advance.

Maintain a high-quality home alarm system. This system should include perimeter protection as well as panic buttons or additional keypads with panic buttons. This would allow you to call for help from more than one place in your home. Place alarm company signs or decals in visible locations on your property. Always call the police if you think the alarm is being tripped by an intruder. Most residential burglar alarm calls to the police are assumed to be false alarms. A phone call that confirms a problem will get a much greater police response than just an alarm drop.

Home security evaluation

Look at your home from a thief's perspective. Are there bushes or shrubs that could hide an intruder? Are exterior lights present to allow police to see your property? Are ground floor widows locked and alarmed?

Are your doors locked with high-quality dead bolt locks?

Screen visitors using an intercom system or, at the least, through a vision port in your door. There are easily installed home intercom systems that include a CCTV camera at the outside door. Do not open the door to strangers.

Ask your local police department for a home security evaluation. Many police departments have crime prevention specialists who can give you good advice.

Discretion is encouraged

Don't advertise that you are in the jewelry trade. Avoid personalized license plates or markings on your cars, luggage or briefcase. Have trade journals sent to your office, not your home.

Be discreet in sponsoring community events or donating goods to silent auctions or fundraisers in your personal name. That conveys your status in the trade to others who may be looking for a target. Have donations and contributions attributed to the company name.

Daily security awareness

Be aware of any surveillance activities. Almost all jewelry thefts that occur away from the store involve some period of surveillance.

Always be alert for strange people, vehicles or seeing the same person or vehicle multiple times. If you suspect you are being followed or observed, call the police and report your concerns.

Have a plan to respond to an intruder. Surrender the goods and follow their instructions. No amount of merchandise is worth getting injured. Review this plan with your entire family. Use a code phrase that can signal trouble at home so you can alert others discreetly.

If you bring merchandise home, have a safe to store your goods. There are not many hiding places that burglars cannot find. Tie the safe into your burglar alarm system as an added line of defense.

If you are leaving for vacation, alert your local police department to request a vacation check.

Many police departments will check your home while you are away if you ask.

Keep a cell phone available in the event a burglar cuts the phone lines to your home. Post emergency phone numbers at each phone.

Security at home requires planning, vigilance and constantly being aware of your surroundings and environment. A few moments taken to survey the area, evaluate the conditions and assess an unknown visitor can be the difference between tragedy and tedium. Please share these ideas and plans with your loved ones.

If you are planning to install a new alarm, change service providers or make changes to your existing service and have questions, call your Hanover agent or Hanover Risk Solutions for advice that is specific to your situation.

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