The need for additional motion detection

The Hanover routinely makes recommendations to our insureds to install motion detection in small store rooms, furnace rooms and restrooms. Many alarm companies have responded that the existing installation meets the UL criteria for an Extent 2 protection and that these additional devices are not required. The UL standard allows a door contact on these small rooms and does not require interior motion sensors.

The Hanover insureds have experienced losses where someone has hidden in a small utility room or rest room that did not have a motion sensor, waited until the alarm was turned off and then emerged to rob the store. Had motion detectors been present in these areas, they may have caught this intruder and prevented a criminal act.

We use UL standards as a benchmark and fully support the role UL plays in developing, testing and listing products. But these standards are the minimum standards that apply to all alarm installations. In this case, we have experience that indicates that the minimum does not always provide the level of protection that our customers deserve and expect.

Look at your facility and determine if there are small rooms or areas that lack intrusion detection. The cost to upgrade the protection is far less than the potential loss of property or the damage that a robbery presents to your associates.

If you are planning to install a new alarm, change service providers, or make changes to your existing service and have questions, call your Hanover agent or Hanover Risk Solutions Consultant for advice that is specific to your situation.

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LC DEC 2018 11-217h
171-0862 (01/14)