Hanover's Anti-Fraud Insurance Program

The policy of The Hanover is to provide its products and services to individuals, families and businesses to meet their insurance needs and to pay claims for any legitimate loss from the coverage provided.

The Hanover is committed to combating insurance fraud in every line of business that we write. The program is simple, work to fight insurance fraud in all its forms and protect our policyholders and shareholders from the impact of insurance fraud.

The Hanover has established the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) as part of the Company's anti-fraud program. The Hanover SIU is responsible for implementation of all anti-fraud activities for all lines of Hanover business and for all Hanover member companies. The responsibility of The Hanover SIU is to provide investigative support to the company and assist in the resolution of suspicious and fraudulent insurance activities.

The SIU is based in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is the Home Office location for The Hanover. Field SIU operations report to the Home Office and are responsible for investigation on a regional basis.

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