How to protect yourself from fraud

The Hanover has a strong history of combating insurance fraud and has a program specifically designed to identify and investigate insurance fraud in any form and manner. There are many ways to protect yourself from being a victim of insurance fraud. Here are a few suggestions:

Staged accidents

Always be aware of your surroundings when driving. When you see traffic, slow down and avoid tailgating. If you are involved in an accident, make a note of the number of passengers in the other vehicle, make sure that the police note the people involved and never provide your information to anyone not involved either in the accident or the police.

Property fraud

Contractor fraud on personal and business property claims is an ongoing problem. Be mindful of contractors who come to your home or business location without any notice or invitation. Never pay for a job before the work is completed on your home or building. A good tip is to check with the Better Business Bureau prior to contracting with a company that you are not familiar with. Be sure to call your insurance company to discuss the repairs and the contractor before approving any work.

Medical fraud

Always review your medical bills and explanation of benefits (EOB) forms to assure that the treatment being billed was performed. Question providers when treatment is recommended that does not match your injury.

Workers' compensation fraud

If you suspect that a coworker may be committing workers' compensation fraud, notify your employer of your suspicions.

Commercial fraud

Business owners need to be diligent in making sure that their premises do not provide the opportunity for someone to make a claim. Keeping up on cleaning, removing barriers on the floor and maintaining premises video are all keys to avoiding fraud. It is important to resist requests for instant payment when someone has an alleged slip and fall. Report all claims immediately to your carrier as an important step to protecting your business.