5 tips for buying valuables online

Finding that perfect diamond necklace, rare coin to complete your collection or decadent piece of art is possible from the comforts of your slippers. There are plenty of reputable online avenues to shop for that valuable item that helps reflect your tastes and lifestyle.

With the online shopping experience, however, also comes additional issues to consider when you cannot be in-person to vouch for the item yourself.

When making important purchasing decisions online about your next valuable item, consider these five tips.

Do your research… and then a little more

If you plan to spend premium dollars on your desired item of great value, make sure you put that much extra research into understanding its value.

Some valuables like coins have acclaimed publications that can help give you advice on how much a particular coin is currently worth. Read online reviews about the seller.

For the piece you are interested in, be sure to read up on every detail of its condition. Consider having the seller send you any notations about its condition in writing.

Look for appraisals/certificates

For many types of valuables, an official appraisal can help you narrow your focus on the current value of that item(s).

This is especially important when it comes to jewelry. Make sure the appraisal specifically lists the item’s details such as cut, clarity, color and carat weight for gems.

An appraisal or certificate can also help determine previous owners to document the item’s history for more accurate record-keeping.

Understand the fine print

Before adding any valuables to your online cart, make sure to read the fine print on the transaction. Find out how the valuable is being shipped and if you need to take extra cost into consideration to ensure its safe travels to your doorstep.

Read to see the seller’s refund and exchange policies.

Is there a warranty being offered? If so, what does it cover and for how long? Is the method of payment being done securely?

Ask all your questions

Just because you are not face-to-face with the seller does not mean you can’t ask all of those questions on your mind.

If you are buying directly from an artist, make contact to have all your questions answered. Don’t be shy about asking until you are satisfied with all of the feedback. These questions can help you determine if doing business with this seller makes the most sense.

Get experienced insurance know-how

Having your valuables – purchased online or in-person – covered with high-value insurance can help provide you peace of mind in the event they are lost or stolen.

Talk to your independent insurance agent to see how The Hanover’s Prestige coverage can help protect your valuables up to $50,000 with the valuable items plus endorsement.



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