6 tips to protect your designer wardrobe

You’re invested in looking your best. Designer clothes, handbags, etc. can reflect your style, interests or personality. Looking good can improve how you feel – and that is worth investing in.

When you make these personal, high-value investments, it’s important to take certain precautions to protect them.



Elevate shoes and bags

Keep your designer hand bags and shoes off the floor to avoid potential moisture damage that can lead to mold and mildew.

Use a dedicated cabinet, shoe organizer or wrap them in cloth bags. Avoid storing these items in plastic bins as they can harbor moisture.

De-clutter your closet

Less is more. Many high-value pieces of clothing require extra space to help it looking brand new. Avoid piling these clothes in your closet on top of each other – even if they are in protective bags. Allow enough room for them to hang upright on sturdy, wooden or velvet-padded hangers to avoid staining and help your clothing keep its shape.

Also, make sure the closet is well-ventilated and out of any special basement or attic space. Water is your enemy. Unventilated closet spaces can breed unwelcome moisture and lead to mold damage to your valuables.

Keep regular clothes separate

Mixing your regularly worn rotation of clothes and your special designer sets can lead to damaging the latter. Be sure to keep them from being stored next to freshly washed regular clothes, as any perfumes lingering from detergents can attract bugs and the oils from your body can spoil certain fibers.

Invest in supplementary equipment

Yes, you have already paid good money for your ensembles, but paying a little more in strategic equipment can bring the best out of your wardrobe.

Invest in a quality steamer that has multiple material settings for fabric versatility – as irons can ruin certain expensive threads. Get yourself a stiff goat or horse hair brush to remove excess lint and dirt to keep clothing looking new.

Take the time

Directions that come with high-value clothing are there for a reason. Always follow the cleaning recommendations that come with each piece for the best results.

Look over your collection every season and repair instantly if there are signs of damage. Use a tailor for any adjustments to keep them looking their professional best.

Insure your collection

Talk to an independent agent about your insurance options to protect against damage to your designer wardrobe. Textiles are covered in The Hanover’s home policy – and with Hanover Prestige – you have more control over adjusting those limits up and down based on your specific needs.

Your agent can also discuss how The Hanover has partners in textile restoration that can help you look your best.





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