Employment practices guidance when rebooting your operations

As you begin the process of restarting or ramping-up your workplace, we recognize that you may need to adapt and adopt new policies and processes to ensure the health and safety of your employees. We also understand there are considerations that need to be communicated to employees prior to reopening, such as changes in employment status. We encourage you to leverage the resources below to develop policies and forms to help ensure a safe and smooth reboot of your operations.

The following sample policies and forms are intended to provide general information to consider in developing policies and forms. These sample policies and forms may or may not represent all components of a policy needed by your unique operations or comply with all legal requirements and/or standards. You are responsible for tailoring the policies and forms to address the specific needs of your organization.

Sample policies

Sample forms

More information from reliable sources

The sample policies and forms were provided by The McCalmon Group. The McCalmon Group, Inc. knows the workplace and the risk associated with it. They have unmatched experience in preventing loss, curtailing litigation and protecting those who interact with the workplace while at the same time increasing productivity and improving teamwork.