Background investigations for jewelers

The jewelry trade entrusts high value goods to all of its employees both on and off your premises. A good jeweler controls these exposures with a comprehensive security program that includes employee screening and selection, inventory control, on premises security procedures and travel safety plans. This bulletin will help you understand how to use and obtain background investigation information.

Employment application

A thorough background investigation starts with a detailed employment application that includes a release from the prospective employee to obtain background information, criminal history and credit information, and authorizes holders of this information to release that data to the employer. This is the key to being able to access the databanks that store the information you seek. Your legal counsel can supply locally acceptable wording for the release.

There are a number of reports available to you. Each report has a specific use that will help you screen your employees.

You can verify the work history of the prospective employee via a credit report. The list of employers and time frames should be consistent with the application data. Similarly, the history of residential addresses should be consistent with the work history of the candidate. If there are discrepancies, inquire as to the discrepancy and offer the candidate a chance to verify the information.

A minimum investigation should include credit and criminal background checks.

Credit report

What is the subject’s credit history? You are potentially entrusting this person with very portable and easily converted merchandise. Is there a history of bad money management that could indicate lack of responsibility?

Criminal history report

Criminal history reports can show arrests and convictions. Has the subject been involved in prior criminal activity? Is there evidence of minor infractions that indicate poor judgment or impulse control? Does the subject have a history of association with criminal activity? Many large losses in the jewelry business require insider information about values, trips and merchandise. The scope of your report should be a national records check. Local records checks do not offer enough data to verify an applicant’s background in this mobile society.

Other reports are available that can address specific questions.

Social security number verification

This report will allow you to match the name and SS# to detect an invalid SS#. This report can verify the accuracy of the other reports that use a SS number.

Motor vehicle reports

Motor vehicle reports should be used when the employee is driving a company vehicle or a personal vehicle for business purposes. You can verify their driving record and possession of a valid operator’s license.

Civil litigation reports

Civil litigation history reports can identify previous civil disputes to which your applicant has been involved.

Making hiring decisions without conducting a background investigation leaves you vulnerable to thefts, business disruption and loss of reputation.

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