Keep your high-value car covered in these 6 common incidents

As a high-end car owner, damage to your auto is more than an inconvenience – it can mean pricey replacement parts, costly repairs and losing precious time to do what you bought your car for – enjoying it.

With The Hanover’s Prestige coverage for your high-end auto, however, you have many options to help cover various common incidents and get you back on the road.

Common incident How Prestige helps

Glass breakage

According to The Hanover's data, glass damage is the most common claim-related occurrence reported for any vehicle.

Damage to your windshield or door windows can come sustain damage for a variety reasons - from dangerous weather to traffic accidents and more.

With full-glass coverage using our preferred vendors, you pay no deductible for repairing or replacing your windshield.

Tow loss

There are many factors that can lead to your car being towed away. A flat tire, internal car issue and accident are just a small sampling of examples for what could happen.

Having your high-end auto towed while traveling can also be a logistical nightmare.

Prestige eases the inconvenience and logistics of the situation.

With Prestige coverage, you’ll have $250 in coverage for towing and roadside assistance and $1,000 available for hotel stays, meals and transportation, in the event you need it.

Rear end accident

If you feel that the vehicle behind you might be tailgating, carefully take a few precautions to deter them from following so close.

Tap your brakes a few times lightly as a warning. When coming to a stop ahead, brake slowly. If possible, change lanes or pull far enough over to encourage the other driver to go around.

If your vehicle is rear ended, have peace of mind knowing that high-value auto coverage with Prestige will help replace your brand name original equipment manufacturers parts regardless of how vintage your auto is – with a lifetime guarantee.

Impact with other objects

Your attention is always needed when behind the wheel.

There are many distractions out there. Consider turning off your phone – or moving it to silent mode from the beginning to the end of your drive. Use hands-free GPS to count on directions so you can concentrate on the road ahead of you.

If you are a passenger in a car with a distracted driver, speak up and ask them to put the phone away during the ride.

If you need to rent a car while yours is in the shop, Prestige has you covered for that extra insurance offered by rental companies.

You'll have worldwide protection and coverage for any out-of-pocket expenses for any loss of use that occurs while you drive your rental car.

Hit while parked accident

Returning to your car to discover it has been damaged is a sinking feeling.

And if the guilty party is not responsible to take responsibility, you may be left with the bill to a costly repair. In some cases, you may need to rely on a rental car in the short-term while the work on your car is done.

With The Hanover’s Prestige offering for high-end autos, you have up to $6,000 in rental car coverage with no daily limit, so you can continue to ride in luxury while you wait.

Lane change accident

In 2019, an estimated 276 million vehicles were registered for road use in the U.S.

That means more vehicles to consider while navigating the roadways. Switching driving lanes demands extra caution with such congestion building up.

In the event a lane change accident – or any accident for that matter – creates the need for a total loss claim, The Hanover’s high-value car coverage will give you the full replacement cost (within three latest model years). Vehicles older than three years receive cash value of car one model year newer.


Is your high-value car covered for these factors and more? Talk to an independent insurance agent to find out. And if you have more questions about high-value car or high-value home insurance, see our FAQ page.




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