Protecting your high-value home from 5 common claims

It’s your ultimate investment. But more than that, it’s home.

While all homeowners need to protect their house from an array of potential dangers – your high-value home needs a better level of protection to avoid pricier fixes in the event of a claim. Cookie-cutter home insurance need not apply. 

With Hanover Prestige Home, you’ll have versatile, premium coverage options crafted specifically for your high-value house and everything of value inside it.

The Hanover’s claims data shows there are five common incidents that impact houses like yours. Learn how you can be proactive in minimizing the chances they will happen and the options Hanover Prestige Home provides in the event those incidents occur.


Common claim Prevention tips How Hanover Prestige Home helps

Water damage

It’s common. It’s inconvenient. And if water damage strikes your home, it’s costly.

Water can damage homes in a number of ways - backed up sump pumps, frozen as ice dams and much more.


  • Plant flowers at least 12-18 inches away from your house
  • Clean out roof gutters
  • Visually inspect sinks, pipes, drains, washing machines and your water heater on a regular basis

More water damage tips

Water backed up or overflowing from sump pumps or drains?

Hanover Prestige Home offers water backup coverage starting at $25,000, with optional limits up to the replacement value of your home.


Thunder and lightning may get the most attention during a strong storm, but damaging wind is among the most common culprits when it comes to threats to our homes.

Improve your home’s chances against dangerous wind by strengthening the roof with impact-resistant shingles and secure loose objects outdoors like gutters, downspouts and furniture.

Understand your home's replacement cost

If the wind damages your roof or siding, you'll also have restoration coverage for the cost of repairs with similar materials, so your home's exterior won't looked mismatched afterwards.


Hail storms are pelting homes to the tune of $10 billion annually in damage and the larger your home is, the bigger target for falling ice it becomes.

Examine your roof to make sure it is in good condition and consider a steep-sloped roof to reduce the chances of hail damaging your home.

Protect your home from hail infographic

If you have a claim of more than $10,000, Hanover Prestige’s high-value home coverage offers up to $2,500 for proactive steps you take to help protect against that loss from occurring again. 

Fallen tree

Worn trees can provide homeowners with a headache in the event they are close enough to crash into a house during a weather-related event.

Trim or remove any damaged trees on your property and try to keep your home at least one tree length away to avoid serious damage.

Healthy home habits

If a damage from a tree temporarily displaces you and your family while the home is repaired, Hanover Prestige coverage offers unlimited loss of use coverage for things like a hotel stay or meals with no dollar or time limit.

If certain scheduled items in your house are damaged, such as wine and priceless valuables, they could be replaced with Hanover Prestige.


A burglar strikes once every 30 seconds in the U.S. with an average loss of nearly $3,000 per incident.

Keeping your valuables safe should be a priority by deterring theft.

  • Install a home security system
  • Upgrade your home’s locks
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed so thieves don’t have hiding spots on your property

Seven things burglars hate

Have peace of mind knowing that if a valuable is stolen, the Valuable Items Plus option covers up to $250,000 for jewelry and fine arts. You'll have your choice of flexible limits that range from 30-100% of your home's insured value on personal belongings, so you can choose coverage that is right for you.

Our claims adjusters offer concierge-level service, while our underwriters provide professional guidance through the entire process.


In addition to the valuable coverage, Hanover Prestige Home also brings you services and expertise from agents who can help you tailor a plan with flexible options that are right for your lifestyle. 

Talk to your independent agent on how Hanover Prestige can protect your high-value house from the unknown. Because it’s not just your most important investment.

It’s home.




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