Cultural Institutions

Non-profit doesn’t mean non-risk, and at Hanover Risk Solutions, we’ve studied the unique risks faced by these valuable resources found in every city and town. And we understand that cost is often the concern for libraries and historic homes, nature centers and museums.

But there are other concerns that are at the top of the list: staying prepared for a weather emergency, keeping interactive exhibits safe for patrons, and keeping staff aware of the risks of abuse/molestation. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the opinion of experts in risk to help you face the challenges of running a non-profit while devoting your resources to the communities you serve.

Highlighted Resources

Keeping patrons safe is a risk that many a non-profit keeps at the top of the list. Hanover Risk Solutions experts with extensive experience in the field have the information that can help you form a plan to make that item on your list a done deal, not a haunting failure.

Cultural Institutions Resources

Risk Solutions Partners

Our alliances with providers of risk solutions for our cultural institution insureds include:

  • Criminal background checks online as well as employment screening services from Intellicorp
  • Testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems with Tyco Simplex Grinnell
Visit Risk Solutions Partners for more information.

Education and Training

Hanover Risk Solutions has designed e-learning courses with non-profits in mind; online training in abuse/neglect, that’s interactive and can help train your staff to recognize the problem and take action. Courses are free and can be taken at your convenience, so staff time can be flexible and suit your organization’s needs. Learn More

Several of our Hanover Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Visit Risk Solutions Partners to register as a policyholder and access information on this discounted—and sometimes free—information.

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