Risk Solutions Partners

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we know the difference between living with risk and mitigating it is getting the service you need to evaluate the problem and find the solution.

We also understand that sometimes, the service that can help you handle risk doesn’t come directly from your insurance provider.

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we’ve covered that gap by forming partnerships with a comprehensive array of industry associates that can provide you with the services you need to be prepared and sometimes prevent losses from ever happening.

Among these industry partners you’ll find some familiar brand names and services offered at no charge or at substantial discounts. All our partnerships, combined with our risk solutions advantages, provide quality service not necessarily found anywhere else.

Open for Business

Open for Business

The list of catastrophes that can stop your business short—and stop the flow of profits—is a long one. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has created a program to help you plan for the worst, and help you recover from it when it happens. Simple step-by-step procedures for making your business as ready as possible are available free to Hanover policyholders.

Hanover Advantage Programs

Hanover Educational Institutions Safety Advantage

The challenges faced by Educational Institutions in keeping their students, faculty, staff and visitors safe run the gamut—from driver safety to slips and falls, fire safety to employment practices. Fortunately for our insureds in education—whether it’s middle school, elementary school, high school, college or university—Hanover Risk Solutions has gathered the resources aimed at some of the most common risks you face—and provides free training to help you face them.

Hanover Construction Safety Advantage

For our policyholders in construction, safety training is crucial, and the broad range of training to support all areas of construction is what you need. The Hanover Construction Safety Advantage program provides our insureds with free construction hazard awareness training with courses including electrical safety, trenching and shoring, and more, to address some of the common problems faced by construction managers. These courses, from a national provider of online training, come at the best price of all: free to Hanover policyholders.

Hanover Worker Safety Advantage

Your workers are the lifeblood of your business, and keeping them safe on the job is key. Training can mean the difference between a workforce with a good safety record and one plagued by injuries . . . or worse. To help you gather the resources necessary to train your workers, Hanover Worker Safety Advantage has partnered with a national provider of online training to provide that training free to Hanover policyholders.

Hanover Driver Safety Advantage

For many businesses, trucks, cars, vans and buses on the road are their most vulnerable point: one crash can amount to millions in losses. Hanover Risk Solutions has partnered with a national provider of online training to create the Hanover Driver Safety Advantage program. Free driver safety courses provided to our policyholders will help mitigate the risk that a crash loss will devour your hard-earned profits.

Risk Solutions Partners

Browse our list of high-quality services provided by our Risk Solutions Partners who specialize in what you need to help keep your business on the right side of risk. Register on this page for more details about how our partners can help you protect your employees and your business.

  • Active shooter training
  • Alarm system testing and maintenance
  • Alcoholic beverage server and sales training
  • Automatic sprinkler testing and maintenance
  • Background checks
  • Concussion management
  • Construction hazard training
  • Disaster and recovery planning
  • Driver monitoring and training
  • Equipment theft prevention and recovery
  • Industry-specific training resources
  • Product recall services
  • Risk management information for loss control professionals