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In any economy, the life of the real estate industry is the canary in the coal mine, carefully watched by all. But as a business owner, no one’s more concerned about the health of your business in a fluctuating economy when what might be a small problem in good times can become a big problem in a down market.

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we can help mitigate the risk factors that damage or destroy property or profits.

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    Sample slip, trip and fall prevention program

    Slips and falls are among the most common injuries in almost any industry. But a comprehensive plan can help prevent many of these incidents.

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    Assess your electrical preventive maintenance

    Regular maintenance is key to preventing problems in your electrical system. Take this short assessment for insight on improving the reliability of your electrical system.

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    Contract management

    Learn how effective contract management can protect your business from expensive lawsuits and judgments.

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No matter what the challenge, Hanover Risk Solutions can provide your organization with the resources to help make your workplace safer and keep your services available to the people who need them.

Risk Solutions Partners

Hanover has partnered with other expert safety professionals to provide our customers with discounted solution to costly problems. Among the offerings you may find these especially helpful.

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Alarm system and automatic sprinkler testing and maintenance
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This Hanover Risk Solutions Partner provides testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems. Learn more
Training resources
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The Hanover Construction Safety Advantage program offers our insureds with construction hazard awareness training with courses from a national provider of online training that address some of the common causes of loss. Learn more

The Heartfod Steam Boiler logo
Hartford Steam Boiler provides free webinars on boiler, HVAC and electrical system maintenance for employees at all levels—operators, facility directors, maintenance supervisors, even those with no engineering or technical background. Learn more
Business continuity
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The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Disaster Recovery Planning can help you plan for the worst and get your business up and running when catastrophe strikes. Learn more

Visit Risk Solutions Partners for more information.

Education & training

Electrical preventive maintenance – Find out how to keep your facility’s electrical system up and running—and prevent a slowdown from halting operations with a simple appraisal. Learn more

Freeze prevention – Find out how to keep your facility’s electrical system up and running—and prevent a slowdown from halting operations with a simple appraisal. Learn more

Several of Hanover’s Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Hanover Policyholders can sign in or register to take advantage of their programs.

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