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Why are home insurance costs rising?

Home insurance rates are rising due to nationwide trends impacting the cost to rebuild homes in the event of a loss. This article details some of the key factors causing a rise in premiums, including more frequent and severe weather, higher material costs, labor shortages and more. Suggestions for insurance coverage to consider are included in order to have the right coverage and enough of it.


Illustrated image of a neighborhood. Rain, fire, tornado and wind are impacting each home.

Why are insurance costs rising for drivers?

Auto insurance rates are rising due to inflation and other nationwide trends. This article details some of the key factors causing a rise in premiums, including an increase in vehicle fatalities, repair costs, rental prices and more.


Eight ways to make the most of your insurance dollars

Home and auto insurance rates are on the rise – in every region of the country and across the whole property and casualty insurance industry. Wonder how you might save on insurance?


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Don't let a totaled car total your wallet

You've probably heard that a new car loses value the second you drive it off the lot. Unfortunately, it's true. So, consider what would happen if your new car ended up totaled in an accident, or because a tree fell on it during a storm. The amount in insurance coverage you would receive would be equal to the value of the car at the time of the accident and not the full replacement cost of the same vehicle new. The result could be a difference between your coverage and what it would cost to replace your car. It's a difference that you would pay out of your pocket.


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