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Four ways to safeguard your wine

Four ways to protect your valuable wine collection.


Elegant wine cellar with bottles of wine stored on their side and two barrels with bottles of wine and wine glasses on them.

Six tips to keep your jewelry safe

Six ways to keep jewelry safe at home.


expensive looking jewelry on a table, including a diamond ring in a box and a watch

How do I insure fine art?

Answers to your questions about how to best insure fine art - individual pieces and collections.


Collection of gold-framed oil paintings leaning against a velvet chair

Mark your calendar for an annual insurance review

This article helps remind personal insurance customers to review their policies annually with their independent agent to make sure they have the right coverage and enough of it.


An older couple sits across a desk from a bearded man who is showing them something on a tablet.

Why are home insurance costs rising?

Home insurance rates are rising due to nationwide trends impacting the cost to rebuild homes in the event of a loss. This article details some of the key factors causing a rise in premiums, including more frequent and severe weather, higher material costs, labor shortages and more. Suggestions for insurance coverage to consider are included in order to have the right coverage and enough of it.


Illustrated image of a neighborhood. Rain, fire, tornado and wind are impacting each home.