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Hanover PrestigeHanover Prestige

Our Hanover Prestige product offers an excellent selection of coverages for those with more to protect. Prestige can be added to a Platinum or Connections policy, and customized with a suite of optional coverages.

Prestige Auto

Our Prestige Auto bundle includes the following features:

Prestige Global Rental Coverage*
Provides worldwide rental coverage including loss of use and diminished value for a rented vehicle

Prestige Rental Upgrade
Provides up to $6,000 in rental car coverage with no daily limit, rental car coverage for loss of use and diminished value, and gives you access to an upgrade to a luxury car or large SUV

Prestige Travel Companion
Provides coverage for $250 for towing and roadside coverage, $1,000 for Trip Interruption in case your car becomes inoperable due to accident/mechanical/electrical breakdown, and $2,500 for Pet Injury protection when the family dog(s) or cat(s) are injured in an accident.

Prestige Lifetime OEM
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and Mechanical Parts will be used as long as they are available, regardless of model year

Prestige New Car Extender
In the event of a total loss, provides full replacement cost for vehicles in their first three model years. Vehicles older than three model years will receive the actual cash value of a vehicle one model year newer.

*You can tailor your Prestige Auto policy by adding or removing features, with the exception of Prestige Global Rental, which is a foundational feature to the Prestige Auto bundle.

Prestige Home

Our Prestige Home includes the following:

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Plus (which includes a Cash Settlement option)
Loss of Use — Actual loss sustained
Jewelry, watches & furs — $10,000 (no per item limit)
Increased Debris Removal, tree removal, and loss assessment
Refrigerated Products — $5,000

Other Structures on Property
10% of Coverage A with option to buy down to 5%

Personal Belongings
50% of Coverage A with the flexibility to increase or decrease coverage from 30 – 100% of Coverage A

Water Back up
$25,000 with new options of $100,000, $150,000, $200,000, $250,000 and Coverage A Valuable Items Plus offering blanket limits to $100k (for jewelry and fine arts)

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