Why an independent insurance agent is your best bet

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Independent insurance agents help to simplify the process of buying insurance by doing much of the groundwork and research for you. Your agent will take time to understand your needs — and offer valuable advice as those needs change. You can count on them as trusted advisors whose mission is to help make sure you are protected. Independent insurance agents work for YOU.

Did you know?

56% of consumers agreed it would be helpful to have access to an insurance expert when making decisions on home insurance*.

Richard W. Lavey, President, Hanover Agency Markets

"Consumers really value the advice independent insurance agents provide. Independent insurance agents are trusted experts similar to other experts, like financial advisors, accountants and even your doctor – experts who have your best interest – and best future – in mind."

— Richard W. Lavey, President, Hanover Agency Markets


How independent agents make buying insurance easier

Insurance is not a "click-to-buy-now" type of purchase. Independent agents will take the time to help you understand complicated insurance information, offering objective advice on the right coverages for your circumstance.

Your coverage should fit your needs

When you work with an independent agent, you'll never be shoehorned into a policy simply because that's the policy they are able to sell. Despite all the commercials on television, buying the right insurance for your needs is rarely as simple as making a ten-minute phone call. Robots and algorithms may be quick, but your peace of mind isn't a variable in their quoting equation. Buying insurance is about protecting the ones you love, the home you live in, and the business you own.

The benefits of using an independent agent include:

  • An independent agent is a knowledgeable advisor
    Independent insurance agents are licensed insurance professionals akin to a financial advisor. They look out for you and your assets.
  • Personalized customer service
    A one-on-one meeting with a local agent can point out any gaps in your coverage, and help make sure you are covered for contingencies.
  • More choice is better
    Independent agents deal with multiple insurance carriers so you will be offered options. Agents also make sure you receive group discounts when applicable.
  • An inside advocate when you need to make a claim
    Should you need to make a claim, your independent agent can help you every step of the way through to an acceptable settlement.
  • Keeping it local helps your town
    Your local independent insurance agent is a vital part of your local economy, paying local taxes, and contributing to local charities and programs.

The Hanover has done business through independent insurance agents for more than 165 years because we believe agents help tailor the best combination of coverage, value and price for individuals, families and businesses. For even more benefits to working with an independent insurance agent, check out this infographic. And, find an independent insurance agent that is ready to work with you.

*2021 study conducted by OnePoll and The Hanover

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