The answers to all your questions about high-value home and auto insurance

We have answers to frequently asked questions about insurance coverage for your high performance car or high-end home.

Offering more than your basic home and auto insurance, high-end insurance offers more protection for your home and auto, helping to secure the lifestyle you've worked hard to achieve.

The Hanover offers high-value home and auto insurance to clients through Hanover Prestige. The protection we offer with Prestige is backed by service and expertise that lives up to high expectations. Prestige also offers you the flexibility to tailor the plan to help fit your needs, without paying for unneeded coverage.

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What is considered a high-value home?

To insurers, a high-value home is a residential house or condo that has a replacement cost of at least $750K.

What is high-value home insurance?

High-value home insurance is designed specifically for houses and condos with a value higher than the average home, with tailored coverages to meet the different needs of these customers. The Hanover offers Prestige coverage for homes worth $750K or more.

How is high-value home insurance different from regular home insurance?

A standard homeowners insurance policy insures the structure of your home, your belongings, liability coverage, and sometimes outbuildings such as a shed or garage. Because high-value houses and condos often have more complex needs and valuable belongings, high-value home insurance offers added protection for upscale homes with more flexibility for personal belongings and valuable items, as well as more personal service and care.

Hanover Prestige offers high-value home coverage that provides flexible and broad protection for high-value homes. Beyond coverage, Hanover Prestige also offers access to high-quality service providers, a dedicated claims team and enhanced, personalized customer service for our clients.

Do I need a high-value home insurance policy?

Your independent insurance agent will help you determine if your home or auto qualifies for high-value coverage. With The Hanover, Prestige coverage can be added to existing policies for comprehensive property coverage.

What’s included in high-value homeowners insurance?

High-value or luxury home insurance often includes expanded coverages and higher limits than your typical homeowners insurance policy, as well as valuable services and flexibility you may not get with a standard policy.

Some of the Hanover Prestige Home coverages include:

  • Loss mitigation coverage – to purchase/install devices to protect against future losses of the same type
  • Loss of use – coverage for hotels and meals for throughout a loss of use of your home, with no limits
  • Service line - higher coverage for excavation and repair of underground wiring, piping and more
  • Guaranteed replacement cost plus – either rebuild or cash out in the event of a total home loss
  • Luxury items – higher limits to replace jewelry, watches and furs

What is a high-value vehicle?

A vehicle is considered to be high value if it requires a greater level of coverage and higher limits than an average auto policy. This can include:

  • Luxury cars with a higher cost of replacement
  • Vehicles with an increased risk of theft
  • Vehicles with sophisticated technology and expensive repair costs
  • High-performance vehicles
  • Antique or classic cars

What is high-value auto insurance?

High-value auto insurance offers expanded coverage for luxury cars or high-value vehicles that require added protection. The Hanover offers Prestige coverage to policyholders with liability limits starting at $250K/$500K or combined single limit liability of $500K.

How is high-value auto insurance different from regular auto insurance?

A standard auto policy usually covers collision and liability. High-value auto insurance offers added protection for higher-value vehicles, as well as a higher level of service. These vehicles are typically protected on an agreed value basis, regardless of market depreciation.

Hanover Prestige provides flexible and broad coverage for high-value autos, with added features including a dedicated claims team, personalized client service and flexibility of coverage.

What’s included in high-value auto insurance?

High-value auto insurance often includes expanded coverages and higher limits than your standard auto insurance policy, as well as a la carte coverage options for your vehicle. Many high-performance auto insurance policies include an agreed value, meaning you’ll receive the insured value without depreciation in the event of a loss.

Some of the Hanover Prestige Auto coverages that are available a la carte include:

  • Global rental – worldwide protection when involved in an accident with a rental car.
  • Rental upgrades - up to $6K in rental car coverage without a daily limit
  • Travel companion - Coverage of $250 for towing and roadside assistance, $1K for trip interruption, and $2,500 for pet injury protection.
  • Lifetime original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts - receive the brand name OEM parts, regardless of how old your vehicle is.
  • New car extender - Cars within the three latest model years (up to 45K miles) will get the full replacement cost for a new car in the event of a total loss
  • Repair shop flexibility – use the shop, dealer or mechanic of your choice in the event of a claim

How much does high-value insurance cost?

When it comes to protecting higher-value homes and autos, you want to make sure you have the right coverage – without paying for coverage you may not need. With Hanover Prestige, coverage can be selected a la carte to provide comprehensive protection for your unique homes and autos.

Your independent insurance agent will work with you to tailor the coverage that is right for your needs, to ensure you get the right combination of value and protection.

How do I get insurance for my high-value home or auto?

Contact your independent insurance agent to start a conversation about your insurance needs.

Who insures high-value property?

The Hanover offers Prestige coverage designed specifically for high-value homes and autos.

Talk to your independent insurance agent to find upscale home and auto coverage that meets your needs.

How can I insure my valuable items?

Most homeowners insurance comes with a limited amount of protection for valuable items. For your most precious items that exceed this limit, a scheduled personal property endorsement or valuable items plus (VIP) property endorsement added to your existing home policy can help make sure your prized possessions are protected. Hanover Prestige offers optional coverage up to $100K for priceless valuables, including fine art and wine.

Your independent agent can help determine what coverage provides you with the best value.

Are there additional coverages I may need?

High-net worth households may require additional insurance coverages to meet complex needs, including:

Talk to your independent insurance agent to ensure your prized possessions are protected.

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