Contractors are the backbone of the American construction industry, and with that distinction comes unique risks. At Hanover Risk Solutions, we know that, for contractors, worker safety is a top priority, but it's not the only challenge: motor vehicle accidents, contract disputes, security at the jobsite, good housekeeping and equipment protection, all create challenges unique to the contracting industry.

With those challenges in mind, our team of professionals and customized programs are available to help assess your needs, assist in worker training and provide the guidance and tools you need to address your challenges on your own.

  • Contractors working

    Ergonomics Interactive Toolkit

    Any working position requires the right combination of conditions to prevent injury and keep employees on the job. Evaluating the job and finding solutions to prevent ergonomic injuries is easier with this interactive online tool, which can help your business identify ergonomic risks and create a plan to help prevent them.

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  • Legal document

    Contract management

    Learn how effective contract management can protect your business from expensive lawsuits and judgments.

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  • Fleet Safety

    Organizational fleet safety program

    This free course provides information about nine elements that make up a quality Fleet Safety Program and strategies for developing and implementing a program.

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No matter what the challenge, Hanover Risk Solutions can provide your organization with the resources to help make your workplace safer and keep your services available to the people who need them.

Risk Solutions Partners

Hanover has partnered with other expert safety professionals to provide our customers with discounted solution to costly problems. Among the offerings you may find these especially helpful.

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Equipment theft prevention and recovery
NER’s national equipment registration database provides a searchable resource for law enforcement to help recover stolen equipment. Learn more
Driver monitoring
Drivers alert
Driver’s Alert provides discounts on driver monitoring programs and the well-known “How’s My Driving?” program. Learn more

Education & training

The Hanover Advantage Programs include Driver Safety and Construction Safety programs, a suite of safety training courses addressing the challenges most commonly encountered by Hanover construction policyholders. Hanover Policyholders can sign in or register to take advantage of these programs.

Several of Hanover’s Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Hanover Policyholders can sign in or register to take advantage of their programs. Other training resources contractors might find useful include:

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