Life sciences

Life Scientist

Life Sciences organizations face broad and diverse risk—with shifting demographics, advancements in technology, and product innovation all creating evolving risks.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing risk solutions for customers working across Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Digital Health, and Contract Research organizations.

We offer resources to help address common exposures to help prevent risks causing injury, and/or disrupting or delaying your business.

  • Medical laboratory

    Water damage prevention for commercial buildings — the building envelope

    Among the many different catastrophes that can damage your building, water damage is perhaps the most insidious, often damaging roofs, walls and windows, often before you know there’s a problem. Learn the signs that water damage might be imminent or already happening.

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  • Lightning strike

    HSB PREPARE program: pre-emergency plan and recovery

    Being prepared can save your business from stock loss, business interruption, worker injury and a host of other costs that can also damage your bottom line. This comprehensive e-learning program can help you keep a weather eye on how emergencies could affect your business and take steps to be sure your business will be up and running as soon as possible after an emergency.

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  • Recall


    Product recalls are every manufacturer's worst nightmare: from the public relations fallout to the detrimental effect on the bottom line, a product recall eats time and money for months and sometimes years. Risk Solution Partner Stericycle offers services that can help prepare for and deal with a recall if it happens. Respond faster and more efficiently and protect your business.

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Risk Solutions Partners

We’ve partnered with industry associates to offer products, services and training at no charge or substantial discount to help you control losses.

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Background checks and employment screening
IntelliCorp Logo
Motor Vehicle Records checks are available at discount prices through IntelliCorp Records, Inc., a subsidiary of ISO. Learn more
Business continuity
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Disaster Recovery Planning Tool can help you plan for the worst and get your business up and running when catastrophe strikes. Learn more
Risk management
E & S logo
To help develop safety programs, ISO’s Engineering and Safety library includes comprehensive resources to strengthen existing programs or develop and implement safety programs from the ground up. Learn More
Driver monitoring and training
Drivers Alert Logo
Driver’s Alert provides Hanover policyholder discounts on online training for driver safety (many courses are also available in Spanish), GPS monitoring, and the popular “How’s My Driving?” Learn more
Equipment testing and maintenance
Hartford Steam Boiler logo
HSB provides equipment insurance and engineering services to Hanover policyholders. Webinars and tips to help keep your systems up and running. Learn more

tyco logo
Testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems can help keep your business secure. Learn more

Education & training

The Hanover Driver Safety Advantage

Offers driver safety training courses addressing the challenges most commonly encountered by fleet programs. Hanover policyholders can sign-in or register to take advantage of this program. Access now

Organizational Fleet Safety

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Learn the nine steps to creating a safer fleet with this e-learning course. Start now

Electrical Preventive Maintenance Assessment

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Regular maintenance is key to preventing problems in your electrical system. Take this short assessment for insight into what your system needs to maintain its reliability. Access now

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

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This e-learning course gives practical suggestions on how to protect this most vital resource by inspection and maintenance, becoming aware of potential problems before a costly electrical failure stalls your business and destroys property. Access now

Freeze Prevention

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Help keep your fire protection sprinkler systems from freezing in winter with this e-learning course. Access now

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