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Mission critical risk management

Caring for the people you service is the heart of your mission. The core of ours is to support you – helping you to minimize risk and keep your clients and employees safe. Our Risk Solutions team is ready to tailor a program for you, taking into account specific human services industry risks, as well as challenges unique to your organization. Our comprehensive program includes onsite and remote assessments, on-demand learning, self-service tools and custom action plans that address the complex demands and issues facing those who provide help, as well as those who require it.

National team of highly experienced consultants, with in-depth knowledge of the risks associated with human service programs to help you identify and address risks.

Library of more than 30 e-learning offerings including unlimited access to 20 courses at no cost to policyholders including client protection, mandated reporting and employment practice liability for managers.

Vendor partners offering a range of discounts and preferred pricing on a wide variety of risk management products including background checks, drug testing, IoT sensors, driver training, telematics and more.

Experience The Hanover difference

We believe your preventative strategy should be proactive, cost efficient and doable. Our risk management experts work with you through the process making recommendations and re-evaluating your risks as you make improvements. Our nationally-recognized, extensively vetted vendor partners help fill in the gaps and save you money with preferred on valuable services. Our comprehensive approach to risk management can help promote safety, reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit and minimize the severity claims. Discover The Hanover difference.

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Featured resources

flooded cars


Flood prevention

Flooding can happen anywhere ― and can damage buildings, destroy stock and furniture, and halt business, sometimes permanently. Keep your property safe in the event a flood heads your way by understanding your risk and preparing your property to face it. 

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diverse group of employees

Background checks and employment screening

Our Risk Solutions Partner, IntelliCorp, provides discounts on background checks and employment screening products to help you identify and select the right employees for your organization. IntelliCorp services can help take the guess work out of hiring.

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Young professionals around computer

Abuse prevention training series

Designed by Risk Solutions consultants with years of expertise, these free e-learning courses can help your staff recognize a problem -- and take action. 

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Elderly lady driving a car

Auto safety

Auto safety

The Hanover Driver Safety Advantage

Offers driver safety training courses addressing the challenges most commonly encountered by fleet programs. Hanover policyholders can sign-in or register to take advantage of this program.

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Organizational Fleet Safety

Learn the nine steps to creating a safer fleet with this e-learning course. 

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Safe Driving Decisions

Module 1

Scenarios include driving decisions facing substitute drivers and volunteers.
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Module 2

Scenarios include driving decisions facing direct care workers and residential case managers.
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Module 3

Scenarios include driving decisions facing school bus drivers and school administrators.
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Client protection

Client protection

Applicant Screening

Assists any employee involved in screening and hiring employees and volunteers working with vulnerable persons in building a thorough employee screening process that evaluates each candidate’s ability to keep clients safe. 

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Bullying Prevention

Supports adults working with children in their efforts to prevent bullying by describing bullying and its impacts and consequences and identifying effective methods of responding to and preventing bullying. 

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Child Protection Part I: Child Abuse and Neglect

Helps participants learn the basics of child abuse prevention: how to recognize child abuse and neglect and all its forms, identify the potential effects on the children they care for, and understand the scope of this tragedy. 

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Child Protection Part II: Prevention and Response Strategies

Aids participants in building a child abuse prevention strategy and helps employees and employers to identify their responsibilities, construct safe environments, and respond to allegations. 

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Mandated Reporter Responsibilities

Assists employees and volunteers in recognizing their mandated reporter responsibilities and outlines the penalties and protection for workers who are in contact with those who are abused or neglected, and the stressors they face. 

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Preventing Abuse of Elders

Gives participants the tools they need to recognize the signs of elder abuse as well as understand the scope of abuse in elder populations, and help those in charge begin to develop plans to address abuse and neglect when they’re discovered. 

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Complaint form

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Course I – The Fundamentals

Learn about the hard and soft costs of EPL claims, the types of discrimination, the statutes that protect against different types of discrimination and the most common types of claims. 

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Course II – Policies & Procedures, The Managers Role

This course will help identify key institutional policies and procedures, list different forms of communications to help employees understand and describe talent management strategies. 

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Course III – Common Complaints and Prevention Strategies

Learn to identify the most common employment practices that cause employee complaints and understand how to address each of these practices legally and effectively. 

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Course IV – Addressing a Complaint

Learn the appropriate steps to follow when a harassment or discrimination complaint is filed and understand how to prevent retaliation claims stemming from the complaint process. 

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Equipment inspection

Property protection

Property protection

Freeze Prevention

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc with everything – ruin stock, machinery and the building itself, and prevent your life and safety protection systems from working properly, putting your business at risk for catastrophic loss of life and property. How do you keep things un-frozen and up and running? This simple eLearning piece can help.

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No matter what the challenge, Hanover Risk Solutions can provide your organization with the resources to help make your workplace safer and keep your services available to the people who need them.


We’ve partnered with industry associates to offer products, services and training at no charge or substantial discount to help you control losses and improve auto-related economics.

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Background checks and employment screening

Background checks and employment screening

IntelliCorp, a subsidiary of ISO, provides discounts on background checks and employment screening products, helping you identify and select the right employees and volunteers for your organization. 

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blue arrow telematics logo

Hanover i-on Fleet Telematics Program

Hanover i-on Fleet Telematics Program

Help combat distracted driving, prevent accidents and manage fleet safety through our telematics offerings.

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Driver training

Driver training

Offers driver safety training courses addressing the challenges most commonly encountered by fleet programs in Human Services.  

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Tom ONeill_325x325.jpg

Thomas P. O’Neill, Risk Solutions Director

Tom joined the Hanover Risk Solutions team in 2010, after spending more than 20 years working in the human services and education industries, holding positions from direct care staff to executive administration. He leads Hanover’s efforts to provide social service policyholders with in-depth assessment of risks, strategic recommendations on controls and effective value-added service. He is a strong advocate for collaborative problem-solving between customers, partner agents and our Risk Solutions team. Tom is the author of the Hanover E-Learning Series, a distinctive e-learning library open to our customers on numerous child and adult protection subjects.


Brady Baylor 325x325

Brady Baylor, Risk Solutions Technical Consultant
Western Region

Brady has more than 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry including eight years as a social service specialist for the West region. Understanding the constraints of often-limited budgets and limited staff resources, he finds partnering with service-related organizations on improving existing risk management gaps and strengths extremely rewarding. 


Sandra Burke_325x325.jpg

Sandra Burke, Regional Service Manager
Midwest and Great Lakes Regions

Sandra has been a safety professional for 36 years. As the Midwest and Great Lakes Regional Service Manager, Sandra is responsible for providing regional support for service management and high-quality consultative services and technical support to policyholders. Prior to taking on the role of Regional Service Manager, she was the social service specialist for the Pacific Region for five years.


Henderson, Derek_325x325.jpg

Derek Henderson, Risk Solutions Technical Consultant
Midwest Region

Derek has been a member of the Hanover Risk Solutions team since 2006 and has been the social service specialist for the Midwest and Great Lakes regions for the past eight years. Derek holds numerous risk management safety designations from the International Risk Management Institute.


Jim Johnson_325x325.jpg

Jim Johnson, Senior Risk Solutions Consultant
Southeast Region

Jim is a Hanover social service specialist with more than 18 years of experience working with Human Service and Educational Institutions. Jim’s diverse experience working in the three main cornerstones of insurance, loss control, underwriting and claims, allows him to provide a wide range of supportive services to his customers.


Kerry Leblanc_325x325.jpg

Kerry LeBlanc, Risk Solutions Regional Service Manager
Northeast Region

Kerry is a seasoned risk management professional with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry.  As the Service Manager for the Northeast Region, Kerry provides training and oversight of the service consultants in her region and provides direct service to policyholders and agents on our larger and more complex accounts. Her goal is to cultivate a partnership with her agents and customers that results in measurable reductions in loss frequency and severity.


Tonya Molett_325x325.jpg

Tonya Molett, Senior Risk Solutions Consultant
Midwest Region

Tonya is a Hanover social service specialist with more than 14 years of experience working with Human Service and Educational Institutions. She is a professional member of Women in Safety Engineering, American Society of Safety Engineers and American Congress of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Tonya is one of The Hanover’s Risk Solutions Certified School Specialists.


Maryann Shyken_325x325.jpg

Maryann Shyken, Regional Service Manager
Metro Region

Maryann has spent her entire 30-year safety career at the Hanover in numerous roles with increasing responsibilities. Maryann’s areas of expertise include property, life safety, loss analysis, and safety awareness training. Maryann’s experience working with our social service industries provides her with all the tools she needs to support the service activities of all the consultants in her region.


Education and training