Preserving property

Modern building

Your business is more than just a building, but without your property—buildings as well as equipment—your talented employees can’t do what you’ve carefully trained them to do. And when your building, your stock and your equipment is at risk, so are your employees, your business partners and your patrons.

Damage to property can come from all directions, from weather events to fires to burglary and water damage.

Hanover Risk Solutions’ team of safety experts has amassed a wealth of information on many of the risks that could sideline your business and deplete your profits.

  • Equipment inspection

    Freeze prevention

    Frozen pipes can wreak havoc with everything – ruin stock, machinery and the building itself, and prevent your life and safety protection systems from working properly, putting your business at risk for catastrophic loss of life and property. How do you keep things un-frozen and up and running? This simple e-learning piece can help.

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  • Thermostat

    Energy efficiency made simple

    Hanover has partnered with Hartford Steam Boiler to provide Efficiency First™, a web-based tool to help small and mid-sized businesses get control of and reduce energy costs by evaluating energy-saving methods and their return on investment. All free to Hanover policyholders.

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  • Roof inspector

    Roof inspection checklist

    Keeping your roof in tip-top shape means keeping an eye on its condition. Our easy-to-use checklist can help you evaluate the condition of your roof and make needed repairs – before disaster strikes and the cost of repairs goes through the roof!

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We’ve provided the following resources to support your efforts to create safety programs to protect your property.

Risk Solutions Partners

We’ve partnered with industry associates to offer products, services and training at no charge or substantial discount to help you control losses.

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Tyco Simplex Grinnell
Tyco logo
This Hanover Risk Solutions Partner provides testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems. Learn More
Munich RE/Hartford Steam Boiler
Munich Hartford Steam Boiler logo
Hartford Steam Boiler provides free webinars on boiler, HVAC and electrical system maintenance for employees at all levels—operators, facility directors, maintenance supervisors, even those with no engineering or technical background. Learn More

Education & Training

Assess Your Electrical Preventive Maintenance

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Regular maintenance is key to preventing problems in your electrical system. Take this short assessment for insight into what your system needs to maintain its reliability. Access Now

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

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Electrical fires and system shut-downs can be costly, but are preventable. Electrical Preventive Maintenance outlines possible problem areas and methods of evaluating them to help head off problems before they result in fires or impact production. Access Now

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